But Don’t Take Our Word for It…

We could tell you how great our restaurant is all day long. But why should we—when the experts are saying it already?

“Drago’s sets the standard for casual seafood dining in New Orleans. Its peerless grilled oysters are the centerpiece of a menu that offers innovative food and classic platters with equal skill — all of it with a distinctly New Orleans flavor.”
-Tom Fitzmorris, The New Orleans Menu
“If you haven’t tried the charbroiled oysters, put down this newspaper and head in the direction of Fat City. You’ll know you’re close when you smell the bubbling garlic butter”
Brett Anderson, Times Picayune
“Most Popular Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans.”
-2007 Zagat Guide
“Drago’s is one of the city’s most beloved local seafood restaurants, and for good reason. Here, everyone has mad love for the signature Charbroiled Oysters, dubbed “The Single Best Bite of Food in New Orleans.”
“Though Drago’s oysters maintain excellent quality whatever their preparation, it was the impossibly tender meats that stole the limelight in two entrees, Shuckee Duckee and Cajun Surf and Turf. In the former, two blackened and lean duck breasts flanked a mess of creamy linguine and oysters; in the latter, blackened medallions of ruby-rare filet mignon, accompanied by oysters and shrimp, required no knife.”
Gambit Communications
“The dish that has the tongues wagging is an oyster dish. Charbroiled oysters, that is; they’re grilled on the half shell in garlic butter and served with lemon and Parmesan cheese. They also do a solid version of oysters brochette, a sterling seafood pasta and a great garlic-laden dish called the Drumfish Tommy, not to mention giant — and we do mean giant — Maine lobsters that are without peer.”
-2007 AOL Cityguide
“Home of the barbecued oysters, this Fat City haven is a must-try for fresh seafood dishes and other Louisiana favorites.”
New Orleans City Search
“Drago’s charbroiled oysters are simply amazing. Quite possibly, these oysters are the single best dish in a food-crazed city! All the other hallmarks of a terrific family owned-restaurant are evident at Drago’s: friendly service, cleanliness, ample portions, and food from the heart. Still, I can just about guarantee that oyster lovers will want more than a dozen of those charbroiled beauties. They are all that, and then some.”